Francis the Baby Naming Robot

Let me explain... Isabella was going to a Baby Shower and she asked me what was going to happen at the party. Seeing that my wife was out of the room I took the opportunity to regale her with the 'fact' that the star of a Baby Shower is often a 'baby naming' robot that gets to select the name of the baby. I went on to describe the local baby naming robot is named Francis, and due to some glitch in his programming he names all babies 'Francis'. This, of course, explains why there are so many people in our town named Francis... both boys and girls. This story was quickly recognized by Isabella as goofy fiction, but we both continued to run with it for a few weeks.

At one point I returned from a business trip to find that Isabella had crafted a 3 foot tall cardboard Francis robot for me. He now resides in the studio.

After Isabella made this awesome robot for me I decided I would have to paint Francis as well.
Pimp strutting with a cane while blowing binary smoke rings is pretty bad-ass but Isabella made an actual cardboard robot so she wins this round in my opinion.

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