Living Room Part 3

Here is the 'Green' monkey... well technically he's an ape.


Living Room Part 2

Here is the 'Yellow' monkey. She looks pretty serious. I've been having a great time getting back into the painting. I especially enjoyed the confused reaction to the previous painting in the series from my Father in law. I guess he would never put a smoking purple monkey up in his living room... his loss.


Living Room Part1

My Wife requested that I do a series of paintings for the living room decor. Her only rules were that I follow some of the colour schemes that she has planned (Green, Purple, Yellow). When I started suggesting what I was planning she immediately gave me whole new rule sets like 'No Nudity' and 'No Intravenous Drugs!' and 'No Cross Species Breeding!'. In other words this is going to be some really boring stuff. Anyways, here is my 'Purple' painting. All of them (6 pieces total) will all tell a bit of a story when viewed together.

Of course it has to be monkeys.


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