Monkey on the brain

After I painted Isabella's growth chart last year (in December) I took a break from painting on canvases and concentrated more on digital painting and praying for animation work. In early June I decided to get back to the analog painting by slowing in with some smaller canvases. I did a few of these smaller 'sketch' paintings where I took a doodle and transcribed it onto a small art board canvas. These canvases are 8"x 10" and are quite easy to paint in layers and short sprints.

This particular image was not inspired by anything specific, just a fun little image of a monkey (with headphones?) rummaging around in some dude's head. These days I seem to have a bit of a love affair with green monkeys (www.4thmm.com) so there may have been some osmosis happening from my right brain to my left as I painted this, if so it was unintentional.

I was hoping this small piece would inspire me to produce more paintings and I did a few small ones in a row after this... but then I stopped again. I have a 5' X 3' canvas in the works, and hope that I can take a chunk out of it over Christmas.

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