Development Painting

This piece was a development painting I did for the project that I'm currently working on. We went in a very different direction in terms of the art style, but I really liked how this turned out. I was going for a 'children's book' look, a water colour washed feel that recalled older Saturday morning cartoons (like 'Fables of the Green Forest' Opening Intro ).

Something classic and timeless that doesn't really push at any new boundaries, nor does it really run the risk of offending anyone's sensibilities. Maybe a little boring, and that's probably one of the reasons the client ultimately passed on this approach. I liked it, and it's different than the other stuff I've been posting so I just wanted to toss it up here to break the monotony of my regular stuff. This piece is digital paint in Photoshop and I tried to really make it look warm and sunny like 11am on a hot Saturday morning in a really fun tree house... I may have overcooked the sunlight FX, as it looks like it could be Chernobyl outside.

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