Croc Baby

This is a piece I did over the course of the whole year... maybe even longer as I picked away and picked away at it, but I finally gave it a good solid 2 month push in October and November as I tried to finish it in time for Christmas for my parents.

I like the fact that it's very odd and large, mostly because it forces my parents to have this weird curiosity up in their house taking up space and not matching any of the furniture. Of course I'm assuming they will find a place for it to hang as it's a gift from their second favorite son, maybe they will just pull it out whenever I head over there.

Like all my stuff, it doesn't symbolize anything, just a doodle. The difference is this piece is very large, my largest by far at 5.5 feet x 3 feet. As you can see from this size relation with my lovely daughter, it's quite big.

I've included a few details in this post and due to the sheer size of the piece it was difficult to photograph. The glare reflects from the oil paint black outline and sort of makes it look white flecked or inconsistent in tone. The line work is pure black, but shiny and reflective. I hope my folks enjoy this piece, it was hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, but according to my Mom so was her labour with me, so I guess we're even???



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