No smoking!

Invisible was hired to design and produce the characters and backgrounds for a series of anti-addiction ads. I've included the BGs here because they are painted. I went with a pretty simple black and white style that I felt complimented the line-work. The overall sensibility was to keep the art black and white with the only colour points of focus being the various 'addictive elements' in a scene.
I'm not sure how effective the Ad campaign was, but every time I look at this grungy shot of a filthy back alley I find myself craving a cigarette.It's weird because this type of 'smoker's area' is really what most smokers have to look forward to these days, tucked away by the garbage and littered with old butts. It's gross and shouldn't give me a nostalgic feeling for smoking, but it does. Hopefully it's just me and the actual Ad campaign was a success. Stay off the crack kids.

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