Finally new stuff! With JESUS!

Sorry again for my delay in posting (ha ha I actually sound like I think people are anxiously waiting for me to post new stuff), I've been pretty busy and largely uninspired to paint. I have a few canvases on the go, but it's been a while since I put a brush to them.

I have been digital painting, and I recently completed three development images for a feature length production from the U.S. from a company called Snowfall Films. The project is entitled 'Omarr The Camel'. http://www.snowfallfilms.com/

My frequent co-conspirator Derek Jessome did the initial rough and the art was cleaned in Flash and painted in Photoshop. I've been attempting to get more painterly and show brush strokes and even add a bit of watercolor paper texture to the work in Photoshop to try to get it to look more convincingly hand painted. I feel it's coming along and with each new piece I get to try a few new techniques and approaches.This first image is my favorite, it's adventurous, dangerous and mysterious... just like me!
The second image is cool too, very sunny and reminds me of teasing Patricia for her love of 'Egyptotology'.
The third image is what you would expect for a Christmas movie. It was hard for me not to put a Street Fighter style Fireball in baby Jesus' outstretched hands.

These paintings each took about 18-22 hours to paint, let alone the couple of hours they took to clean and prep out of Flash. I'm not used to being a slowpoke, but I certainly am when it comes to these types of set-ups.

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  1. holy shitcakes!! these are awesome dude!!! fabulous job!



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