The Night Game

This piece took a long time to realise as I found myself very busy with some series work. I was sketching bats for a children's book concept and I was struck by the visual absurdity of setting their entire world upside down. I drew these two 'fruit' bats in various poses and outfits but in the end I really liked them just having a mundane game of 21 or H.O.R.S.E. Going with my upside down world creates a few mechanical issues for basketball, but these bats are young earth creationists so they don't let the theory of gravity get in the way of their fun.

I really like how the tree bark detail turned out, I put a lot of effort into it. I also like the transparency to the wings. The signature is upside down on purpose in keeping with my topsy-turvy theme, and I realize it's not a 'night' scene but my title 'The Night Game' is for the bats... because to them daytime is nighttime. This painting is 12"x36", acrylic on canvas and it was probably 50 hours all together (though it has been hard to track as this piece was started about a month ago).


  1. Brilliant concept! LOVE IT! Great work!
    I wonder though what would happen if there was a net in the hoop.... Could they still score?? Could they Mark?? COULD they???

  2. Wacky concept with the bat playing basketball, but what I really like is the tree & leaf detailing! I don't know, but it reminds me of old Japanese art.

    Blaine Cameron

  3. hey nice work man, i didn't see it initially, just thought it was an interesting composition to have it all happening up top, then i saw the "ceiling" earth. once it clicked it was that much stronger.

  4. at least the bats werent dribbling tha ball off their noses



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